by Damien The Cat

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N2MB The mind is vitiated with recirculating resonance. Relentless despair steeped in the miasma of an unstoppable descent. Glooming lives up and beyond its name to illustrate the tenebrosity of juvenescence and imminent repercussions in regards to the graduating loss of ones psyche. Special mention for the lyricism ever present in this release; truly exquisite. Favorite track: Cracked Cedar Frame.
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A trip through the dark sides of youth and the process of losing one's mind piece by piece. Each song is a step into the gloom.


released February 27, 2014

Glooming Personelle:
McCann Painter: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Tom Weil: Drums

DtC would like to thank the following:
Tyler Soucy, Dan Pilla, Justin Hollis, our parents, ???, a box of frosted mini wheats

McCann Painter: Vocals + Guitar
Tom Weil: Drums
Chris Kapschock: Bass



all rights reserved


Damien The Cat Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Disbanded in 2015

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Track Name: Beyond the Green
Each infant cruelty falls
as a puzzle
and in pebbles
we construct these walls
lined with incendiary passivity
at the war gates we shall torche the Earth
before we face the truth
where candles mark a frame of graves
burning dimly and sinking in tones of deep tangerine
with tired eyes and dull mind we'll glance briefly
at the sanguine sunset
and see no meaning
nor wick and wax
reacting with us
nor cloth and bottle
that burns but our throats
nor light or humanity
which ices our spine
Only nihil, beyond the green.
Track Name: Solace
This ethereal light surrounds me
It molds the waves of time
Resounding around me
Head propped on a hand
Stapled to a larynx
Eyes weighed down in passing
by the color of despairing

And I eviscerate these thoughts
That sprint into my mind

Clear as water
Falling, falling
Falling back into line
Track Name: Slow Dose
Bent of sinister isles
heads and hearts
incessently beating
in muse form, disseminated
her atavist declined into feeble shadows
that long for fingers clenched at sunset

delving into necrotic sleep which slithers
cold vines through each satin sheet on her skin
days which spun suffering in limpid knots untangled
in strenuous stillnesses, one by one

as the scenes above reverted to opiate,
warmth and to white

suddenly into nothing
nothing too sudden came
on cat's feet fear fled
into a pinhole's notion
of voice and meaning
and of the dead
Track Name: Glooming
Falling between jade greens and the hues of fire
In the sepia kiln a mind rots without cause

Turned over like a stone
to suffocate the moss it grows
into darkness
asensory dreams
no cognition
beyond suffering
Track Name: Cracked Cedar Frame
I see shining songs
and sorrows bent to will
I see glimmers of vanity
and purity singing
I see harmony and ruby fractals
in the eyes of euripides

Peering through the rays
the reflection of colors on sanded plateaus
now distorting into vacuum cyclones
a kaleidoscope which devours the cedar frame
marred by the fragments which scar palest notions

In glaz-ed eyes I see the sand take what it will
and the dirt lay still and unmoved upon this face
I unravel in strands of salt
to forcibly retain streaks of salene sorrow
to burn "I" in the fallout
and ice my soul in the nuclear winter

In which a barren rendition of inner silence is born
what is more
is the life of dead ownership
reborn in the marrow of morrows